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How to correct VoIP echo

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The number one cause of echo is from voice traveling out from the earpiece or speaker back into the mouthpiece.  Turning down the volume of the phone can greatly reduce this issue.  Another cause of echo is electromagnetic interference.  This can be the result of positioning the IAD too close to other electronic devices, such as, on top of the computer, or near the back of the monitor, or next to a power strip. These three devices have particularly large electrical fields and should be given extra attention.  But, other devices can also create electromagnetic currents, so it is best not to place the IAD and/or any base station of a cordless phone too close to other devices.  Poor quality splitters, phone cables and other devices between the phone and the ATA can introduce echo due to "bounce back",  caused by impedance variations.  Using cordless phones, can also introduce echo, sometimes the result of outside interference.  To correct echo try these steps:

  • Hold your hand over the mouthpiece.  If the echo subsides then turn down the volume of the phone.  *You should actually keep the volume turned all the way down regardless, as VoIP connections are extra sensitive and you will experience better quality by doing so.
  • Move the IAD away from other electrical devices.
  • Remove any splitters or separate caller ID devices between the IAD and the phone.  In many cases this can cause echo that you hear on your end.
  • Try using another phone cord, as some cables can be of poor quality.
  • If you are using a cordless phone try to replace it with a corded phone (connected directly to the IAD and see if the echo stops.

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