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Error Number 0x80042108

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Your e-mail program gives you error number 0x80042108. The error box may say:
"Outlook is unable to connect to your incoming (POP3) e-mail server. If you continue to receive this message, contact your server administrator or Internet service provider (ISP)"


1) Restart your computer. Often the problem will then simply fix itself and everything will work again. In fact, the vast majority of the time when Visionary customers have called me with this error number, restarting the computer has fixed it. So, even if you already have restarted, do it again. Go into the Start menu and choose Restart (or if you don't have Restart, click Shutdown / Turn off Computer, then choose Restart).

2) If you recently updated Office or Outlook, that is probably the problem. The one time I've recorded where restarting didn't fix the problem with 0x80042108, this was what had happened. You may be able to undo the update using System Restore (for help doing that click here). Or try re-installing Office, or something along those lines.

2) If after restarting you still get the same error number, and step 2 does not apply or does not fix things, disable email scanning in Norton or McAfee or whatever anti-virus program you use (for help doing this in Norton, click here). Then close your email program, open it again, and try getting your mail.

3) Remove and then re-create your email account. To do this in Outlook Express, follow the steps here. For Microsoft Office Outlook click here.

4) Before doing this step, make sure you have your Norton/Symantec CD or product code so you can re-install it. Then, completely uninstall all Norton/Symantec software in the Add/Remove Programs control panel (see the Microsoft article here). Test it to see if your e-mail is working now. If it is, re-install the Norton/Symantec software. Turn off e-mail scanning. Try checking your e-mail again to make sure it's still working with the Norton/Symantec software installed again.

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