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Adding a SIP Phone to your SBC DSL

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Setting up a SIP phone with your 2wire DSL router.


2wire Router Setup
The 2wire home dsl router has a few difficulties working with SIP adapters.

If you have a Call In One Adapter please follow the following directions:

Initially you will need to be able to access your router:

2wire Router

If that did not work please follow the link below to discover where your router is located.

How do I access my router?

Inside your router you should be able to determine the IP address of your call in one adapter by matching up the MAC address at the bottom of your sip device Example : 00300404e811. Inside your 2wire dsl modem it will be linked to an ip address

The next step is to open a new browser window (ctrl + n) and enter which is the IP address of your sip adapter.

Inside your sip adapter click Lan in the left frame and then Lan Settings in the top frame. Check the box DNS recursion and click save.
Click reset in the left frame, make sure reset main application is selected and press the reset button.

Now you will need to click back to your router configuration and setup port forwarding inside your 2wire modem. Once at the main page of your router click view firewall settings. Click edit settings, now select the
"computer" which is really just the IP address of your sip adapter.

You will then need to add three user defined applications
Name |Protocol | Port | Map to Host Port | Timeout
SIPphone SIP |UDP | 5060 | 5060 | Default
SIPphone RTP |UDP | 5004 | 5004 | Default
SIPphone TFTP |UDP | 69 | 69 | Default

Save the firewall settings, and reboot your router.

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