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Polycom 335 Provisioning steps

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Polycom 335 Provisioning steps

Also please take note that the provisioning info for the phones have changed and you should follow these steps:
1.) Upon boot up press select
2.) enter password of 456 and press ok
3.) scroll down to sever menu and press select
4.) Server type is highlighted press edit
5.) use the arrow keys to select HTTP and press ok
6.) Server Address is highlighted press edit
7.) enter the server address of (the forward slash is found by pressing the pound "#" key) and press ok
If the phone is brand new and this is the first time it been turned on you can skip to step 12 as the user pass info is default info
8.) Server user is highlighted press edit
9.) enter PlcmSpIp (this is case sensitive)and press ok
10.) Server pass is highlighted press edit
11.) enter PlcmSpIp (this is case sensitive) and press ok
12.) press exit
13.) press exit
14.) Save & Reboot is highlighted press select

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