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Polycom - Hollow Phone Icon or "URL Call Disabled" Error

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Typically, a hollow phone icon is caused by the phone's inability to register with our network.  It can happen because of the following reasons:

1) the 15 digit user AUTHENTICATION string in Broadsoft does not match the 15 digit string in the SIP Configuration menu of the phone configuration file on the FTP server. Rebuilding the device config file in Broadsoft will get this in-sync again and the phone should register.

2) The phone is set to a static IP address and no DNS servers were entered into the Network Configuration menu in the phone.

3) The phone did not download its configuration file - reboot and watch for the error "Could not contact boot server".  If you see this error, see the knowledgebase article for this error.

4) If no phones register on a particular network, SIP traffic may be blocked by the local router. See the "Voice Ports for SIP traffic" article in the knowledge base for more information.

5) If the phone works most of the time, but goes hollow or displays "URL Call Disabled" message at random times during the day or during an active call, check the DNS servers to make sure they are able to consistently resolve the phone's home proxy. Use the phone's menu to determine the current DNS server (Menu > Status > Network > TCP/IP Parameters, then look for DNS server & DNS Alt. Server values). If the phone is using router's IP for DNS, you may need to check the router for the DNS values. Once known, run the following commands from a Windows command prompt:

server X.X.X.X (where X.X.X.X is the first DNS entry) (or use the appropriate home proxy)

If the command above returns an IP address and does not time out, run the command again by pressing the UP arrow on your keyboard. We suggest running the command several times to check for intermittent timeouts. If all commands return an IP address, use the server X.X.X.X command again, this time specifying the IP of the secondary DNS server. Again, run multiple queries to determine whether solid name resolution exists.

If you see timeouts at any time running the above commands, check that the server you're using is the one provided by your ISP. If it is, contact the ISP and ask them for a different set of servers you can use instead.

6) You may also experience intermittent registration on an otherwise working device if it has trouble maintaining registration with its home proxy. This may be caused by temporary network failure or improper customer IAD/ firewall configuration. While a local network capture is almost always required to troubleshoot this problem, first check the "What ports need to be open on customer's router / firewall to allow phones to work correctly?" and "Advisory - SIP Fix-up Incompatibility / Fast Busy Issues on Outbound Calls" articles in our technical KB, to ensure that customer's IAD contains the correct settings. Please contact Partner Support if you continue to experience problems.
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