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How to configure Sonic Wall TZ190 for SNMP trap

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1) Under System > Administration, check the box that says "Enable SNMP",
then click the "Configure.... " button. Enter in a "Get Community
Name". Of course, this will match what you will be using in your MRTG
config file.

2) Under Network > Interfaces, configure the interface that faces the
MRTG server. I usually monitor SonicWALLs remotely, so I have to
configure the WAN Interface. Under the General tab, check the box
"SNMP" next to Management and hit OK.

3) Under Firewall > WAN-to-WAN, you will see that the SonicWALL
auto-created a rule to allow SNMP through the WAN zone. The default is
from "All" sources. You can edit the "All" to narrow down what IP
address/range/subnet you want to allow SNMP from.

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